About the C4CE Congress 2014

The 2014 Community Energy Congress aims to create a new approach to energy in Australia – to decarbonise, decentralise and democratise our energy system!

If you need to talk to someone call Sarah Dixon:
(02) 9419 4889 or 0401 716 657 – Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

PO Box 49
Artarmon  NSW  1570
Fax: (02) 8078 6689

About C4CE

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is a purpose-built governance system designed to enable collaboration for the purpose of creating a vibrant community energy sector and movement right across Australia.

It is the membership of C4CE ~ community energy projects, groups, support organisations and stakeholders in the wider renewable and mainstream energy system ~ who make this vision possible.

C4CE initiatives are created and led by one of more members. The overall coordination of C4CE is led by the Steering Group with the support of a Secretariat.

C4CE believes collaboration creates greater impact than the simple sum of individual member efforts. Together, we can make the difference.

C4CE’s objectives are to:

  • Guide and support development of the community energy sector
  • Create a coordinated voice to better advocate for the needs of the sector
  • Grow the sector’s profile, influence and membership (beyond the ‘usual suspects’)
  • Facilitate the alignment of efforts by Members with support, systems, tools and training which enable collaboration for collective impact
  • Identify and create strategic opportunities and attract investment for the sector
  • Coordinate strategic initiatives which build the knowledge, know-how and capacity of Members and the sector

As an unincorporated governance system, C4CE is legally auspiced by Starfish Initiatives*.